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Forced Migration Studies Center for Afghanistan

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We Stand With Refugees

The Forced Migration Studies Center team are unsung heroes.  They work tirelessly to tackle some of the most difficult issues of human rights our beloved people inside and outside of Afghanistan are facing

Our Mission

Our mission is to fight for the rights of Afghan citizens around the world and shed light on Afghanistan refugees’ stories. We do this by using a unique three-pronged approach of protection, empowerment, and advocacy. This approach creates sustainability and leads to systemic change.

Our VIsion

F-OMSA's vision is a world where every human being has their rights and achieves their potential. F-OMSA sees this as a fundamental right for every human being without discrimination of gender, color, ethnicity, or religion.

Our Values

We work with individuals primarily on personal well-being and sustainable community-based mental health and psychosocial support and integration into host communities, whether temporary or permanent.

About Us

Forced Migration Studies Center for Afghanistan (FOMSA) is a U.S-based independent, non-profit organization humanitarian organization founded in August of 2021 and registered under 501©. Research, education, training, advocacy, and lobbying are its core values. It supports Afghan refugees, asylum seekers, and other under-resourced families both in the countries of first asylum and in the United States by advocating for their rights locally and internationally. Additionally, it seeks to help marginalized Afghan citizens within Afghanistan through its partner organizations. Led by experts and practitioners dedicated to refugee protection in Afghanistan and beyond, the organization, FOMSA is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and practical services to the most vulnerable Afghans around the globe. It works towards a world where refugees around the globe are given the tools and means to develop their own futures and give back to their communities.

Refugees are you and I

Our services include but are not limited to: monitoring the Afghan refugee movement, empowering Afghan refugees in the United States through mental health of refugees and psychosocial support, child parenting help, raising voices against child labor, and child abuse in Afghanistan. Other areas of its scope include home-based educational services, Afghanistan refugee camp,s and acculturation assistance to allow Afghans to lead independent and successful lives whether they live near or far away from their homeland.

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