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Nobody wants to become a refugee by choice

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021 forced more than 300,000 Afghans to take shelter in Pakistan but now most of them are being asked to go back. Afghanistan ranks as world’s largest humanitarian crisis, and there is a serious risk of widespread famine. The UN estimates that 97 per cent of Afghans could fall into poverty this year and beyond. People are so desperate that they are selling their own daughters, anything to survive. Among the top concerns are the country’s paralyzed economy, the inability to withdraw money and fears of not being able to feed themselves during the uncertain years to come.


FOMSA: A Quick Glance

Forced Migration Studies Center for Afghanistan (FOMSA) is a U.S-based independent, non-profit organization humanitarian organization founded in August of 2021 and registered under 501© . Research, education, training, advocacy and lobbying are its core values. It supports Afghan refugees, asylum seekers, and other under-resourced families both in the countries of first asylum and in the United States by advocating for their rights locally and internationally.

Additionally, it seeks to help marginalized Afghan citizens within Afghanistan through its partner organizations. Led by experts and practioners dedicated to refugee protection in Afghanistan and beyond, the organization, FOMSA is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and practical services to the most vulnerable Afghans around the globe. It works towards a world where refugees around the globe are given the tools and means to develop their own futures and give back to their communities.


Our services include but are not limited to: monitoring the Afghan refugee movement, empowering Afghan refugees in the United States through mental health of refugees and psychosocial support, child parenting help, raising voice against child labor and child abuse in Afghanistan. Other areas of its scope include home-based educational services, Afghanistan refugee camp and acculturation assistance to allow Afghans to lead independent and successful lives whether they live near or far away from their homeland.

Join the Team

Become part of our bold and compassionate team aiming to make like better for people on the move and building inclusive communities! FOMSA offers flexible work conditions if you would like to contribute your skills from any part of the world. In the given pandemic scenario, virtual work is a viable option. Please contact us to help develop technology and tools to support remote working modalities.

We provide opportunity for graduate and doctorial level students in psychology, social work, peace building, human rights and refugee themes to advance their academic learnings. They may contact us for their research paper in Afghanistan and around globe on the issues of a) remote learning tools b) mental health c) . FOMSA is looking for volunteers for the following positions:

  1. Fundraising Officer
  2. Proposal Writer
  3. Research Specialist
  4. Graphic Designer (photo/video editor)
  5. Mental Health Therapist

Note: All applications should be emailed to info@f-omsa.org and include the following: 

  • Your complete resume with education and experience
  • A cover letter outlining why you are interested in this job
  • Two referees with their phone and email address

Meet Our Team

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